Roger and Betty LeGoff started Little Pond Building Company in 1996 since then it has been family owned and operated. We are located in Western Maine in the town of Denmark. We have over 19 years of experience in residential construction. We strive to please our customers by focusing on detail and customer/client relations. 

We do every aspect of construction on our projects, we hire out only a small portion. Once hired there is no worries for our clients, we manage all construction phases from dirt work to completion. This means we can stay on schedule and make sure the detail and workmanship we strive for is accomplished.
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Little Pond Building Company 
Roger L. and Betty L. LeGoff
30 Little Pond Road
Denmark, ME 04022

Telephone : 207-452-2906

Roger grew up in Denmark, Maine , he  was always around construction in one form or the other. If he was not helping his farther in his excavation business he was nosing around the local contractors construction sites. 
Roger started Little Pond Building Company in 1996, a year after his twins were born. Now grown men Tyler works in the excavation field and Michael owns Little Pond Heating and Cooling, LLC. Betty is the book keeper and project manager in the family business.

Little Pond Building Company does not accept solicitation calls, emails or any other form of communication from telemarketers, or solicitors. We greatly appreciate your understanding of our policy and ask that you do not use our contact information for any solicitation purposes.